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Do I really NEED a property management company?

Do I really NEED a property management company?

Regardless that I am a professional property manager and real estate agent in multiple states, I wanted to take an in-depth look and actually answer your question, do I really NEED a property management company?

You can either take the advice from me, or numerous other clients who signed up with me after having a round or two at this themselves.  The number one reason that you’re going to hire me, is because you aren’t interested in spending any more time on your investment property.  This is supposed to be passive income, remember?  We will save you money on top of saving you time through a dense, third party contractor list and by not nickel and diming our clients at every opportunity.  We will complete all of the leg work on your behalf, from the beginning with marketing, be there to handle all of the legalities that will come up throughout the course of a year to year tenancy.  We will maximize your monthly income, with goals of renting your property for maximum market allowance, to the most qualified tenants of your choosing.  Finally, we will manage ALL tenant day to day activities, including text messages, emails, and phone call; as well as annual inspections, rent collection, and so much more.


We Will Save You Time

Going back to our initial point, this should be considered passive income for you, NOT something that you are regularly working on.  Maybe you’re young and have the additional time and energy to sacrifice, however you won’t be able to burn the candle at both ends for too long.  The single, number one reason you are going to hire me is because you don’t have the time, desire, energy, or will to do this yourself.  Don’t feel bad about that, you shouldn’t want to.  Durante & Rich Real Estate has all of the right systems in place, from technology to the right people in the right places to make sure your property is getting the attention it truly deserves.


We Will Save You Money

Durante & Rich Real Estate isn’t like the other property management companies or Realtors you will encounter and/or work with.  We understand that our up-front work is the most important part of the process, ultimately locating the right tenant for your property.  Our clients have complete access to our vast third-party contractor and vendor lists.  While WE MAKE NO MONEY on the maintenance process, our clients save.  Our contractors work hard to keep their prices low and competitive within our network, which is lower than what you will find through any other searches.  As the homeowner, you will have the final approval on all estimates.


We Will Do ALL of the Leg Work

When you meet with Durante & Rich Real Estate, we will begin to go to work for you.  We will put together a professional CMA (comparative market analysis) for our clients to review, and provide our professional recommendation for the list price.  Our offices will coordinate and facilitate all maintenance meetings between homeowners, contractors/vendors, and tenants alike.  We will conduct regular property inspections, as well as work through all legal paperwork and contractors for our clients.


We Will Maximize Your Monthly Rental Income

We are a marketing powerhouse, especially when compared to owners attempting to rent their properties themselves.  Remember, the beginning of the process (locating the right and most qualified tenant) is the most important part.  Whoever you (the homeowner) approve as the tenant, is who we will be working with for the length of the lease.  Through our marketing efforts we will schedule pre-qualified leads for showings we will attract highly qualified prospects at the highest achievable market price.


Manage ALL Tenant Day-to-Day Activities

If as a homeowner who is self-managing their property you believe that once you give your tenants the keys, that’ll be it, think again.  That is a pipe dream.  We currently manage 700 properties and there are less than a handful out of all of them where that scenario actually plays out.  That is ESPECIALLY the case when it comes to working with tenants directly.  There are professional tenants who know the laws, and know the systems in place, who will become your best friend and take advantage of you.  Case in point, reference the article written in February 2018 from New York Magazine, “Worst Roommate Ever”.  That is a true story, and these off-stories that you hear about tenants do actually exist.  Protect yourself with someone who understands the laws, and will make sure both sides are treated well and enjoy the business arrangement.


In conclusion there are numerous reasons why a property management company is your best solution.  My final piece of professional advice today for you is DO NOT rent to your friends, family, co-workers, or anybody else you know outside of this business transaction.  You want and NEED to keep this professional, otherwise it could cost you.  The properties that always have the absolute worst damage are the ones where the landlord was just helping someone out.


Call, text, or email me today to schedule a FREE, no commitment real estate analysis and consultation.  We will meet you at your property (or any other location of your choice) around what time works the best for you.


Matt Bonnes

Regional Manager/Real Estate Salesperson, Durante & Rich Real Estate

Direct Cell Phone: (858) 413-7290 | Corporate Office: (619) 500-3496 |

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