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But My Parents Didn’t Teach Me Anything About Investing!

Can you believe that your parents didn’t teach you the basics about real estate investing? 

What about investing in the stock market, nothing?  Alright, at least you have a 401K with your employer!  According to Vanguard’s annual report, the average American is just short of $97,000 when they retire.  Let’s do some quick math here, pretending that you retire at 62 years old, and live to 100. (Those of you who understand that you’re already in trouble, feel free to skip the math below)

100-62 = 38 Years of Retirement to Enjoy

$97,000 (I’m just rounding up, we’ll pretend you did just a little better than most)

 $97,000 / 38 Years = $2,552.63 per year = $212.72 per month


At least you can relax and know that social security will still be there to help you out!  Ok, we know and understand the probability of that is extremely low.  But we’ll pretend for the sake of this blog post that social security will still actually be around.

Social Security Benefits (Average Retired American) = $16,416 per year = $1,368 per month

 $1,368 (Social Security Benefits) + $212.72 (Amazing 401K Retirement) = $1,580.72/month


You better hope that you own your house outright, otherwise you’re looking at a reverse mortgage, and your kids won’t get to keep the house when you die.  It’s unfortunate really.  We were all taught specific things in school, and not taught others, and we all drank the Koolaid.  OH YEAH!  Nobody ever double checked the math, they just believed they would do what everybody else was doing.


401K Retirement Accounts are Garbage

There’s no way to sugar coat this, but you’ve been lied to your entire life.  Hopefully you are reading this post early enough in your life to make the necessary adjustments so you can actually retire and live the same lifestyle you were living while you were working.  401K accounts were invented in the 1970s to provide an additional tax haven for ultra-wealthy executives, never meant to be a means to accumulate enough wealth to retire on, but that is exactly what the American people were sold.  The baby boomer generation was a Guinea Pig to test out rolling this theory out to the masses, and it was only that, a theory.  Why do you think investment bankers have their Lamborghinis and Ferraris lined up outside, but you’re still pulling up in your 2006 Toyota Camry?  Trade fees, trade fees, trade fees.  Every 1% trade fee turns into 20% when compounded over the life of your investment.  I hope I just blew your mind.

PS – Whether you realize it or not, you have no control of your money for an extremely long extended period of time when invested with a 401K, unless you want to pay the 10% tax to take it out.  Your call…


What Are Your Options

Invest in the Stock Market

I know this article is grounding and filled with a lot of self truths that you may not want to listen to, but investing in the stock market is not as great as it sounds.  Day trading comes in and out with popularity because literally anybody could do it.  Let’s face it, you don’t have the time required to be successful, you actually need to work, remember?  Your option for stock market investing include a lot of research time on your side, understanding where to invest, and working with a FIDUCIARY.  (I’m not here to pitch you on investing in the stock market, instead on why real estate investing is far easier and superior to real estate investing.  If you’re interested however, take a look at Tony Robbin’s Book: “Money, Master the Game”.  This is my book of the year so far).  If you actually read that 600+ page book, you’ll learn the ins and outs of real estate investing, what to look for, what to avoid, and what to expect.


Invest on Your Own in Real Estate

You can read many blogs on the internet, read books, and work on becoming knowledgeable in the investment world.  Getting out there and doing it on your own, making your own mistakes, is the most important option for you.  You NEED to get in there and just do it.  You can try to do many things, such as whole sale, fix and flip, buy and hold to become a landlord and manage your own rentals.  It all depends what your goals are.  Right now that goal should be making sure you know enough to retire with enough money in the bank.


Work with a Real Estate Professional

If you pay enough attention, you will be able to retain enough information over time and through trial and error hopefully become successful, or you can work with professionals who know and understand exactly what they’re doing.  Durante & Rich Real Estate can put together many different options for you, creating a portfolio that will continue to grow and take you on the path towards financial freedom.  Some real estate investment options include:


We will take your money, usually for investors beginning with $10K or less, and pool it into an investment, promising a guaranteed return at the end of the year.

Annual Return Investment

We will take your money and work on projects individually for you, and guarantee a specific percentage return at the end of the year, as high as 20% annual returns.

Personal Real Estate Portfolio

We will work with you, consult with you, and present you options to start your personal portfolio and grow it into your retirement savings.

The most important note is that we will manage everything listed above and keep extremely high levels of communication and transparency throughout.


If you are interested in exploring your investment options, well beyond the mainstream 401K, and have decided that relying on Social Security Benefits is not for you, CALL US TODAY.


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