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How to attract long term tenants

Setting you and your rental up for success through a diligent vetting process makes all the difference.

When you list your property for rent, especially for the first time, you may find yourself anxious as you imagine who your tenants are going to be, and hope to avoid those horror stories that have been shared throughout the industry.  Durante & Rich Real Estate was able to retain 87.5% of all of our tenants last year, out of 650.  The tenants we help our clients place also average their stay between three to four years, providing our client base with financial security and knowing their properties are being well taken care of.

Attract Great Tenants to Your Listing

It seems so obvious, but you need to attract the right tenants before jumping ahead to figuring out how you intend to keep these tenants, long term.  You want to make sure you are utilizing internet marketing, and I’m not talking about Craigslist.  While we market directly through those sites as well, we rarely actually rent to people from sites such as Craigslist, however we have before and I’m sure we will again.  Durante & Rich Real Estate syndicates our listings through our property management software, which in turn scours Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines to place your property in front of more potential tenants.  GOOD internet exposure is key to a successful listing in today’s market.

Even if your listing isn’t moving right away, don’t take the advice from THE OTHER GUYS.  THE OTHER GUYS will tell you to accept a sub-par tenant and just charge a higher security deposit.  Hire Durante & Rich Real Estate and we will work until we find the right tenant, not just the next tenant.


How Well Does Your House Show?

This doesn’t mean, is your house updated or not.  This section insists that you as the homeowner and landlord need to go above and beyond to make your house show ready.  The first listing weekend is important.  Durante & Rich Real Estate will develop a marketing campaign specific to your property, including photos, videos, virtual tours, website syndications, SEO marketing campaigns, and social media campaigns to drive traffic to your property.  We want to make sure that when the prospective applicants arrive to view your home, it is in its best, show ready condition.  Are the countertops, table tops, counters all empty?  Make sure all beds are made, kid’s toys put away, etc.

While we are usually able to place a tenant inside most homes within 14-21 business days, our strong entry to market allows our clients the opportunity to have their property rented to well qualified tenants, who our clients approve, within the first week.


Is the Property Priced Correctly?

After we schedule our face to face meeting with you at your property we will put together a comprehensive CMA for you to review.  We will give you our professional opinion, however as the homeowner you of course have the final say.  We put our marketing expertise to work to competitively price you in the market, and place the most qualified tenants in the shortest amount of time.  Remember, with our application process the homeowners also have the final say, to either accept or decline the application.


Is Your Property Updated?

There are many quick things a homeowner can do that go a long way.  Fresh paint is one of the quickest updates that can be done to a property.  How is the flooring?  We hope it isn’t 10 year old carpet.  Even if your property is not completely updated, but the floors and walls are clean, that will go a long way to renting your property quickly.  If your property has a lawn, how does it look?  While San Diegans today may be accustom to thin lawns, thick lawns are extremely attractive.  As a landlord, once you have a nice lawn back, you may want to consider hiring a landscaper to maintain the lawn.  This doesn’t necessarily provide any value add, however it does make your listing more attractive.


Why Hiring a Property Manager is  Attractive to the Right Tenants

While showing your property to prospective tenants, our company is one of the things we sell to the tenants as an included bonus.  Well qualified tenants will appreciate working with a property manager.  Durante & Rich Real Estate offers many different communication options, including phone, texting, emailing, video calling, 24/7/365 maintenance management, and much more.  Working with Durante & Rich Real Estate offers quick turnaround for tenants and homeowners alike.

In 2016, out of 650 Units, Durante & Rich was able to retain 87.5% of all tenants.  It is just easier to have a tenant who continues to pay rent and take care of your property, renew the lease agreement.


CONTACT US TODAY TO SCHEDULE A FREE, NO COMMITMENT REAL ESTATE ANALYSIS AND CONSULTATION.  We will schedule a time that fits your schedule the best, meet you at your property, and provide you with our professional opinion.


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