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Maintenance Management & Your Investment Property

Why Third Party Contractors Are Your Best Bet When It Comes to Your Investment Property

Maintenance.  This is probably one of the many reasons you decided to turn your property over to a professional property management company.  Maintenance issues are an important bridge to gap between homeowners and tenants, who both may have different goals when it comes to maintaining the rental property.  The tenant wants their property to fully function.  The homeowner wants to remain cost effective and cash flow positive.  Durante and Rich Real Estate wants to ensure both of those goals are met, each and every day.


Our philosophy is to make sure all homeowners are able to see all maintenance tickets and requests in real time.  Each tenant we work with has numerous points of contact, including:

  • On-line Tenant Portal
  • Numerous Points of Contact, Including Full Time Office Staff, Cell Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, 24/7/365 Emergency Services Line



Carin, who heads our maintenance department assigns the maintenance request to the most appropriate vendor.  Each homeowner is different, and many want to handle maintenance different ways.  Carin spends a great deal of time getting to know each homeowner and their maintenance preference.  She shoes truly un-matched levels of care, as she only assigns contractors who she trusts.  Durante & Rich Real Estate doesn’t up-charge any invoice, or charge additional for maintenance management.  When we send out our service ticket, the homeowner would immediately be alerted to  the issue, and who the vendor assigned to the issue was.

Vast List of 3rd Party Contractors

Homeowners discuss and approve costs with contractors directly.  As an additional side note, we do not upcharge any maintenance fees.  We are not obligated by any measure to use one contractor over another.  If you would like us to provide numerous quotes, we are more than happy to.  Our contractors keep their prices low (and we review the prices) because we are able to provide lots of work to them.  They pass any discounts they would provide with us directly onto our clients.


Home Warranty Systems Are a Solid Option

There are many things that can happen with any property, at any time.  Many of these things can be covered through a home warranty system.  Imaging your EXPENSIVE refrigerator stopped working, and you didn’t budge to have this item replaced.  If you had a home warranty system this wouldn’t matter.  Imagine replacing your refrigerator, HVAC, Dishwasher, Oven/Range, Microwave, Garbage Disposal, Water Heater, Washer, Dryer, Plumbing, and Electrical.


Why Property Managers Who Own Their Own Contractors Aren’t a Good Option

Are you able to see a complete breakdown of the invoice?  Do you have approval of work based on the contractor’s quote?  What happens if you don’t like the quote, are you able to get a second opinion?  Who coordinates that additional quote?

These are all questions that immediately come to mind when working with a property management company who “owns” their contractors.  While these property management companies may tout their ability to save you money because they own labor and directly manage the contractors, it is important to understand they aren’t doing this for free.  When it comes to the bottom line, if you aren’t sure of their quote, you will need to spend the time you hired someone else to spend to get additional quotes, just to be sure.  If you allow them to get additional quotes, you probably can’t be sure they would allow people to under quote them to win the job.  Instead of worrying about the best intentions of the management company, choose to work with someone who will recommend the contractors who keep their prices in line, get the job done in a timely fashion, and who warranty their work.  If you don’t like a quote you receive, rest well assured we will work to provide additional quotes from numerous contractors to ensure the best craftsmanship and price-point are both met.



For each maintenance issue we coordinate, we receive a receipt or each invoice and hold for your record keeping purposes.  At the end of each year, we will send out a solid accounting record for your property.  Everything you spend on your property annually is tax deductible, including our services.




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