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Choosing the Right Property Management Company

Landlords, are you facing the daunting task of choosing the right property management company to locate a quality tenant, maximize your profit potential, and still be cost effective?  If you’ve ever self-managed your own property, you should be familiar with the process, however I’m sure you’ve asked yourself in the past, is it time to hire a property manager?  If you’ve decided that you want your time back and you’re interested in exploring your options, there are some questions that you should be asking the company you are interviewing.

How Do you Handle Maintenance Issues?

This is one of the most important aspects to successfully and properly managing a property.  It is important to fully understand the maintenance aspect, how the process works, how much flexibility you (the homeowner) has, and how much the overall costs are.  Durante & Rich Real Estate works with third party contractors.  Working with third party contractors allows our company the flexibility to obtain the best price for each issue that occurs.  All costs are discussed with the homeowner and approved prior to completion.  Durante & Rich Real Estate does not add any fees or charges to any maintenance issue, in an effort to keep the costs as low as possible.

We also offer a home warranty program!!

How are the Tenants Selected

As a homeowner we find it important for you to understand who will be moving into your property.  We have an extremely thorough application process.  We run a full credit check, background check, eviction history check, income verification, and residential rental history verification.  Our office will break down the application in its entirety and discuss the application point by point with each homeowner, as well as provide our professional recommendation to either accept to decline.  The homeowner has the final approval with Durante & Rich Real Estate.

How is Rent Collection Handled

Durante & Rich Real Estate automates the rent collection process for all homeowners and tenants.  We create a convenient collection system for the tenants to ensure timely and trackable payments.  Our process is expedited, and the payments are sent directly to the bank account of the homeowner’s choice.  Durante & Rich Real Estate does not charge a monthly management fee, so there is no need for the funds to be sent to our bank account, only to be re-deposited into the homeowner’s account.


Choosing the right property management company for your rental property or portfolio of properties in an important decision.  It is important to understand the property management company is working for you and needs to have your best interests in mind.  Hiring the right property management company can lead to increase profitability through lower vacancy rates, better tenant satisfaction and lower turnover.  In 2016 Durante & Rich Real Estate had 87.5% of their tenants renew their leases!!  Contact us today to schedule a no pressure FREE Real Estate Consultation.  Whether you want to rent your property, purchase a property, sell a property, or build an investment portfolio, we would love to speak with you.


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